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About us 

Advanced Allergy Technologies is foremost an ethical medical company founded to research, manufacture and provide genuine, effective and affordable remedies for allergy sufferers and their families. We are registered with the UK Medical Devices Agency as manufacturers of Medical Devices. In addition to our retail products, we also provide allergen measurement services and laboratory reagents for research into allergy.

The company was created by Dr David Pearson MB BS, PhD, FRCP in 1990 because the products his patients needed were either not available, or too expensive for the average consumer. Dr Pearson is our Medical Director. He has spent over 25 years in University and Hospital allergy research and has published over 50 scientific papers and articles on the subject. He was the Consultant Physician in charge of the Allergy Clinic at the University Hospital of South Manchester until 2001. Our products are only released for sale if they meet his criteria for efficacy.

Our bedding and silver products are manufactured in our own dedicated facility in Halifax, West Yorkshire, to the highest standards of quality control. All our allergen barrier products are tested with particles down to 0.6 microns, as well as with the house dust mite allergen Der p 1 and the much smaller cat allergen Fel d 1. We export to 14 countries worldwide. Our bedding products are approved and their cost re-imbursed by medical insurance companies in several EU countries. They are also rated top for effectiveness and quality in independent comparative tests. Most British NHS Allergy clinics specifically recommend our products.

We pride ourselves on innovation. We introduced alprotec , the world's first fully water vapour permeable complete allergen barrier bedcover, in 1991. We were awarded the Design Council's Millenium Award for innovation for our patented Airflow range in 1999. Patents are pending on our Windowfilta pollen filtration system. Our latest is the introduction of silver coated textile garments for the treatment of eczema in 2004.

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