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The large majority of products, especially bedding products, which claim to to be 'Anti-Allergy' or allergen control, sold are worthless for preventing allergen exposure and can be of no benefit to reduce your symptoms. Descriptions, such as Anti-allergy, mite-proof, hypoallergenic are meaningless. Claims that the tightness of the weave of some fabrics will protect you are also misleading.

Some of the things allergy sufferers are advised to do, such as vacuuming the bed and putting pillows and cuddly toys in the freezer are also of no benefit. Dust mite killing chemicals, either impregnated in bedding or used as powders or sprays will not reduce your allergen exposure and some are potentially dangerous.

Particularly for allergy bedding products, if it is not A COMPLETE ALLERGEN BARRIER, blocking particles as small as 0.6 microns, made by a manufacturer registered with the Medical Devices Agency, and does not carry the CE (special symbol) to certify it meets minimum performance requirements, then you are probably wasting your money.

Advanced Allergy Technologies Ltd has been the leading manufacturer of genuine, ethical allergy prevention products for 14 years. Our products have been independently tested both in the UK and abroad. They are recommended by the leading NHS Allergy clinics throughout the UK.

We also supply specialised clothing products for baby eczema; and for children and adults.

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