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Medical and clinical advice  

Background to allergic diseases
Factors contributing to the development and worsening of disease. (read more »)

House dust mites
What are they and how do they live? (read more »)

Dust mites allergens
Important misconceptions about the allergens they produce. Why some of the things you may have been told to do, won’t protect you. (read more »)

Allergen control at home
What you can do to make a real difference to your allergen exposure and what does make a clinical difference. (read more »)

Tips for hay fever
How weather and time of day affects pollen counts, practical tips. (read more »)

Eczema facts
Other skin problems are rashes that itch, eczema is the itch that rashes. (read more »)

Certification of Medical Devices
There are several classes, according to the severity of the clinical state and the sophistication of the intervention. (read more »)

Before you buy any allergy product
Some essential points to check before you purchase allergy products. (read more »)

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