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Winner of the Millenium award for innovation and effectiveness

“The world’s first and only truly air-permeable allergen barrier”

Patented Airflow is different. It doesn’t merely provide a barrier to allergens, it attracts and captures them! Not only can you avoid inhaling the allergens in your bed, you can actively reduce their number.

  • Fully air-permeable
  • Safe for infants
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Silent in use
  • Electrostatic
    allergen capture

Some other “Anti-Allergy” bedding claims to be air-permeable and be able to protect you from allergens, either because they are non-woven materials with very small pores, or because they are woven extremely finely. None of those tested in our laboratory were either effective barriers to small particles or allergens, neither did they have a high enough airflow to meet minimum criteria for safety in infancy.

Made from a blend of electrostatically charged fibres Airflow offers no resistance to the passage of air and actually captures allergens as it passes through. Half the fibres have an inherent positive charge and half negative. All particles – including allergens - have some degree of electrostatic charge (positive or negative), so they are attracted to and bound by the fibres. The fabric has no overall electrostatic charge and is extremely lightweight. It is silent and unnoticeable in use.

Airflow is more air permeable than an ordinary sheet: 197 ml of air/cm2/sec at 200 Pa pressure (recommended minimum for infant safety 40 ml/cm2/sec). At air flow rates of 9.5 Litres/ cm2/min (much more than can be achieved even by holding it hard against your nose and mouth), it filters out all house dust mite Der p 1 allergen, 100% of particles above 3 microns and more than 94% of those of 0.6 microns size.

The high airflow also means it offers no barrier to the passage of water vapour. The allergens cannot escape even when you shake the cover, but will be dissolved during washing, to be flushed away. The cover is ready to start again after tumble-drying.

Airflow is ideal for pillows and duvets. Pillows do not “balloon” under the weight of your head. Your face is in direct contact with the pillow and your normal breathing should not be restricted, vital for asthma sufferers. Your duvet should not trap air inside it, as it needs to conform to your body shape. It is important for eczema sufferers that air flows freely through the duvet, so as not to produce the extra heat that produces more itching.


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