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Alcon bedding provides genuine allergen barrier protection at an economy price. Most of the cheaper non-woven so-called 'Anti-allergy' plastic products present problems either with the fabric itself, or in cheap construction methods.

Vapour permeable: Most polypropylene or polyolefin bedding products achieve water vapour permeability by having tiny pores through the material. You can see these as the small indentations in the fabric. We had refused to produce this type of product as our own tests had shown these fabrics did not filter out allergens or other “respirable” particles and therefore could not possibly be clinically effective for allergy sufferers.

The Challenge: When the law in Germany changed so that Health insurance companies had to reimburse the cost of anti-allergy bedcovers as if they were drugs, our distributor there complained that the companies were choosing bedding products solely on the basis of cost, irrespective of quality or effectiveness (well you know insurance companies!). Our distributor begged us to produce something that could compete on price with the cheap and nasties – so back to the lab and the result was Alcon!

The answer: The Alcon textile, unique to Advanced Allergy technologies, is made of a laminate of two different polypropylene non-woven textiles, each with different properties, with a central thin, complete membrane. The result is a fabric which is a complete barrier to all particles, is water-proof, but still has a high water vapour permeability (5000gm/m2/24 hours). The bedcovers are made by the same sewing techniques, has the zip protection flap and attention to detail as alprotec. It works, it's inexpensive and satisfies the need for allergy protection at the lowest cost.

Although Alcon shows a higher resistance to wear and tear than most of the competing products in independent tests, we do have to point out that no non-woven textile has the same degree of resistance to stretching or cutting, being used in children’s pillow fights, or ordinary wear in use, as does a woven textile such as that used in alprotec.

Sufferers uncertain whether allergen barrier bedding will help their symptoms may wish to use use Alcon as a practical test before investing in a long term permanent solution. We offer a discount to Alcon customers who upgrade to Alprotec or Airflow products within twelve months.

Alcon is slim, lightweight and easy to pack - ideal for holiday use. Continental sizes differ from those in the UK. Pillows in particular, which are next to your face (and could contain all sorts of nasties), are usually much too big for UK pillowcases. As we manufacture Alcon for other countries, we can provide the correct size for your destination.

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