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certified class 1 medical device

“The original water vapour-permeable barrier that set the standard by which other products are still judged”

alprotec is based on a high quality, woven polyester-cotton. The interior surface has a complete membrane, which makes it a total barrier to all known allergens, bacteria and mould spores. The combination of the chemical composition of the particular polymer used and it’s microscopic thinness, gives alprotec extremely high water vapour permeability, over 10,000gm water/m2/24 hours (90% plus by BS 7209).

alprotec is constructed using a specially designed sewing machine head, which rolls the material as it is sewn so that no allergen can leak through the join. The covers completely enclose the mattress, duvet, or pillow and are sealed by a zip, which is protected by a flap: again ensuring no allergen passes through. Live mites can neither penetrate nor colonise the alprotec fabric. It is water and dirt resistant. It is impractical to take off and wash a mattress enclosure on a regular basis, alprotec’s qualities mean that this is not necessary.

Independent tests have shown alprotec to be a complete barrier to particles and to be a clinically effective means of reducing mite allergen levels. alprotec is the mattress cover specifically recommended by most health professionals.

alprotec is extremely durable with high tear and abrasion resistance, crucial for the mattress, which is the part of your bed that is subject to the most wear and potential damage.


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