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Face masks 

High level protection in the respiratory particle range

face mask

All masks provide protection against non-toxic dusts, fine toxic dusts and mists, metal fumes and oil/water based particulates, including diesel fumes.

Many of our customers have told us how helpful they have found our masks in dealing with practical problems both inside and outside the home.

Our new range of masks are even more efficient than those we have provided previously They conform to the P2 level of EN149: 2001 as specified by the British Standards Institute, which is more demanding than the earlier EN149.

These Masks have a minimum 92% filtration efficiency at 0.5 micron particle size - the lowest end of the “respirable” particle range. As filtration efficiency increases with increasing particle size, this means they provide virtually 100% protection from all particles greater than 3 microns – most allergens, including mite allergens, pollens and mould spores are even larger than this.

Three versions to choose from:

  • Standard non-valved
  • Fine for straightforward protection
  • Standard valved
  • Reduced exhalation resistance, which is helpful for asthmatics and when exercising
  • Also reduces moist exhaled air escaping round the nose to mist up spectacles
  • Activated Carbon valved
  • Also removes odours and vapours, such as those which make asthma worse
  • Helpful when spraying in the garden, painting, or using glues and solvents for cleaning or hobby work

Care must be given to follow donning instructions to maximise protection. A good seal is not assured with facial hair, which will dramatically affect performance.

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