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Eczema Silver Clothing and Bandages 

Yes, pure metallic silver!

The silver coated textile is made of a knitted microfibre. The microfibre has a cross section that means the silver has both a physical and chemical bond to the fibre.


In the lab
Laboratory tests with bugs cultured with silver coated textiles show rapid killing of bacteria and yeats.


In the clinic
A recently published clinical study in which one arm was bandaged with silver coated textile showed significant reductions in staphylococcal colonisation of the eczematous skin within 48 hours. Clinical improvement in the eczema was observed within two weeks of continued usage on the same arm, but none on the other arm covered with uncoated textile.

The garments have a distinct silver sheen when new, but they may dull with oxidisation with time. This does not affect their comfort or performance. They are durable and long lasting. The silver coating is not affected, even by multiple hot washes. The fabric is not damaged by moisturising creams or any of the usual eczema applications.

Silver bullion
These products are not cheap, but we think that sufferers will agree that the benefits are well worth the price. Our production costs are directly linked to the International Silver Bullion Market. Since the commonest sites for eczema are the flexures of the elbows and knees, we provide tubular covers for these areas - naturally at much less cost than that of a full garment!

Our silver clothing and bandages carry the CE Mark of certified Class 1 Medical Devices.

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