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Eczema Silver Clothing and Bandages 

our range of silver clothing

The healing properties of silver have long been recognised by doctors. Silver based creams have been used to treat burns victims for many years. Only now has a way been found to coat textile fibres with metallic silver.

Silver ions released from silver coated fabrics worn next to the skin combat harmful bacteria and have an active healing effect on eczema.

Our range of easy wear clothing is made of ultra comfortable soft full stretch knitted jersey with fibres coated with 99.9% pure silver. Sizes available for adults, children and babies. Also available in fine smooth woven form for the ultimate in skincare in bed! The use of silver as a pillow case is very effective for facial eczema (and acne!)

Silverwear is:

  • strong
  • practical
  • effective
  • comfortable
  • stretchy easy-wear
  • active healing!

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