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If you or your child are a
genuine ashtma or allergy
sufferer, a zero-rated VAT
dispensation applies to all
our bedding ranges. Please
ensure you tick the
declaration box when you
place your order. You can
sign on behalf of a child in
your home. This means
that you do not have to
pay VAT. You do not need
confimation from your GP.

Hayfever and Asthma

Windowfilta is a high efficiency pollen filter wich also removes airborn particles such as mould spores, dust, allergens, diesel particles and insects, letting only fresh air flow through your open window. It is recommended by Dr. Chris Steele on ITV as "a brilliant idea, and so simple to use" Windowfilta attaches to the inside of the window frame by self-adhesive hook and loop dots and can be easily removed when not in use and repositioned. Each Windowfilta will fit up to either 120 x 60cm or 100 x 47cm , or can be cut to fit. We now supply other sizes by request please specify your requirement by email or telephone call please. PLEASE NOTE DUE TO VERY HIGH DEMAND ALL WINDOWFILTA PRODUCTS ARE UNAVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT, PLEASE EMAIL FOR AN UPDATE ON FUTURE AVAILABILITY.

1. Window-Filta 100 x 47cm $20.99 0 Out of Stock
1b. Window-Filta 120 x 60cm $24.35 0 Out of Stock
2. Window-Filta (pk of 3) $57.50 0 Out of Stock


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